ILS Customer Bill-of-Rights

ILS Customer Bill-of-Rights

Let me use RSS as an example. RSS 1.0 was born December 2000. RSS 2.0 in September 2002. It’s almost 2006 and ILS vendors are just now starting to unveil some RSS feeds. We shouldn’t be treating those announcements like watershed moments. They’re tidbits of “too-little-too-late” packaged in shiny wrappers, served with a helping of “Who’s your Daddy?”

No, that’s not ok. It’s certainly not innovative. We need another model that will allow us to handle progress ourselves because we can not, must not, rely on our vendors. So what should we be asking them for? In the face of Web 2.0 advancements, what is something concrete to demand of vendors that will enable us to implement our own individual visions of Library 2.0 and prepare us for what comes after?

Very well thought out and right on the mark.

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    Watch Open Source applications closely I didn’t bring this out as much as I should have in my post at ALA TechSource, but other folks did which I appreciate! I am fascinated by what’s happening with Open Source and, ILS…

  2. John Iliff says:

    I agree with this and I think the result will be we librarians have to move off ILS and onto developing our own projects. The ILS may no longer be applicable in the Web 2.0 world, but librarian skills are needed more than ever. Let’s not lament the lack of vision by ILS vendors. let’s create our own killer apps.

    Thanks- John Iliff in Philadelphia