New theme, kinda

I finally couldn’t take it any longer. As the old design had aged, I had liked it less and less. I spruced it up a while ago with a brighter color scheme and a little layout rejiggering but it still wasn’t perfect. Lately the lack of a responsive design has been nagging at me. I felt I really needed something that would work on mobile devices but I haven’t had the time to either modify the design I had or create a new one from scratch.

So here we have a (slightly) modified version of WordPress’ 2012 theme as a child theme. I really like the clean look and beautiful typography of 2012, while the new customizer helps keep it from looking exactly like every other WordPress blog.

I’m still not completely happy, (really hate how post images look at larger screen sizes) but it’s as good as it’s going to get until I have time to do something really custom. So now I’m having too much fun playing with Google web fonts for the header and color schemes in the customizer.

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